Age Well VR: Safe, Non-Invasive VR Wellness Therapies For Aging

Interactive Guided Sessions

Immersive hands-on guided meditation sessions allow users to therapeutically interact with mindfulness sessions like never before. Interact in virtual worlds built around synergistic visual and audio guided imagery.

Therapeutic Experiences

Explore 1000’s of easy to select combinations of immersive VR animated and real world virtual experiences. Mix and match VR environments, therapeutic audio track and guided meditation for aiding with a wide range of symptom relief.

Scientific Design

Brainwave Entrainment, Guided Meditation, Interactive Play Therapy

Brain Optimization

Productivity, Focus, Memory, Creativity & Cognition


Strengthen Brain Networks and Performance

Effective Therapies

Decades of Research in Neuro/Cognitive Therapy & Psychology

Overall Well Being

Therapeutic Sessions for Patients, Staff and Visitors

  • Entertaining 10 Minute VR Sessions Allow for Easy Daily Use
  • Symptom Relief Reduces Family and Caregiver Workloads
  • Fast Portable Relief Allows For 24/7 Symptom Reduction Coverage
  • Sleep Aid With Promotion of Rejuvenative Sleep Cycles
  • Entertaining Enriched Brain Stimulation and Neuroplasticity
  • Stimuli Enriched VR Experiences Promote Improved Cognition
  • Easy Self Management of Therapeutic VR Sessions
  • Simply Select a VR World and Symptoms
  • Family and Caregiver Use Promotes Overall Well Being
  • A Portable Cognitive and Mental Health Solution
  • Reduce Poly-Pharma Usage & Side Effects
  • Better Sleep & Reduction of Nightmares
  • Provide Care for Multiple Residents at Once With Minimal Staff
  • 1 Staff Member Can Remotely Control All Clients VR Sessions
  • Group Sessions: Real Time Sharing of Experiences
  • Reduce Facility Costs With Unlimited Digital Therapy Sessions
  • Staff Burnout Reduction: Stress, Focus, Rejuvenative Sleep Cycles
  • Family & Visitor Use Promotes Overall Well Being
  • Improve Cognition: Dementia, Memory and Waywardness
  • Directly Address Symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • 1 Staff Member Can Remotely Control All Clients VR Sessions
  • Group Sessions: Real Time Sharing of Experiences
  • Improve Performance in Memory, Focus and Attention 
  • Calm Anxiety and Stress When a Client Sun Downs
  • Relive Memories and Experiences in VR
  • 24/7 Access to Fast Acting Well Being Solutions
  • Unlimited Portable Access to a Wide Range of Symptom Relief
  • Stabilize a Well Being Baseline for Pain & Mental Health
  • Acute & Chronic Pain & Discomfort Reduction
  • Alleviate Fear and Emotions Concerning Death and Loss
  • Use By Family & Visitors Helps Address Mental Anguish
  • Find Self Acceptance, Happiness and Peace of Mind
Easy Remote Control

Remotely select VR sessions for individuals & groups

Categorized By Symptoms

Select sessions designed for specific symptom reduction

VR Remote Control

Real Time Monitoring

View details of all active user sessions

Text & Voice Input

Take part in users experiences remotely

Quick & Simple UV-C Sterilization

We utilize the Industry Standard for pathogen sterilization between every use. UV-C cleaning technology provides 99% Sterilization of all DNA and RNA including COVID-19 and other pathogens.

Orders include VR headset covers and non-alcoholic hygienic wipes to provide an added level of protection and separation between users and the VR headset

Mission Statement

Transformative Digital Healthcare Solutions for Personal Well-Being

What Is XR?

XR = Extended Reality Includes VR, AR & MR
VR = Virtual Reality: Fully Immersive 360 Experience
AR = Augmented Reality: Holographic Overlay On Real World
MR = Mixed Reality: AR Holographic and Real World Interaction

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