Olympic Gold Medalist & Stanley Cup Hockey Champion Theo Fleury Joins Meta Meta Medical Solutions as their Chief Relationship Officer and a Board Member

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Panama, November 23, 2020 – Meta Medical Solutions VR is announcing the appointment of Mr. Theo Fleury as Chief Relationship Officer.

Mr. Fleury is well known for his career on the ice in the NHL. However, fewer people may be aware of his activities following his retirement from professional sports as a mental wellness advocate, he’s appeared hundreds of times as a motivation speaker; and as a best selling author with his autobiography, ‘Playing with Fire’. “For the past 15 years I have dedicated most of my free time, not just on the topic of sexual abuse, but on the topic of mental health, generally. I believe it is the greatest epidemic our world has ever known.” said Mr. Fleury “I’ve realized that I wasn’t put on the earth to be a professional hockey player, I was put here to face the challenges I did, to go on my own healing journey, so I could help others to heal.”

Mr. Fleury continued,” My career in the NHL and international hockey has just given me a larger platform than most, from which to share a message, and help others heal on a broader level. That platform has taken me all over the world to speak to audiences and tell my own ‘Me Too’ story, to talk about various healing modalities, and even to join a global #SameHere Movement where I help lead the way in recruiting other athletes to open up and share their own stories of challenges they’ve faced in their lives.” I have never felt 100% confident enough to put my name on a product or modality that I felt could help others on a broad scale, that was until now!” “I was introduced to MMS: Mobile Wellness by a close friend who suffers with night tremors from PTSD for 15 years, he tried it and the first two nights he did, were the first two nights he has slept like a baby since the onset of his condition. I decided to give it a try myself and the results have been nothing short of miraculous” said Fleury.

Meta Medical Solutions VR deploys VR/AR/MR (XR) technology to transform health and wellness therapies through scientifically driven technologies. The company’s audio wellness program utilizes unique binaural beat audio tracks which safely trains the brain to switch to any desired brainwave state within minutes. The quick therapies were 77% effective in reducing pain (2x the pain relief of morphine).

The company is transforming health and wellness therapies with the use of innovative technology. “Our various platforms address a wide range of medical symptoms utilizing safe, medically validated therapies. When we set out to develop our technology, we wanted to build something so advanced that experts would want to collaborate or build upon and we’ve succeeded at that” said Michael Berman, Chief Operating Officer, Chairman and Founder.

“I have officially joined the board of Meta Medical Solutions VR and will be using my name to advocate and help this incredible technology get out to the masses. I get contacted daily by folks looking for help and direction, I’m happy that now I’ll be able to direct them to a technology they can use once or multiple times a day, not instead of therapy but in addition to therapy, that can help them in their journeys of recovery and recharge.” concluded Theo Fleury.

About Theo Fleury Theo Fleury was drafted by the Calgary Flames at the 1987 NHL Entry Draft and played over 1000 games in the NHL between 1989 and 2003, winning a Stanley Cup with the Flames in 1989. During his NHL career he also played for the Colorado Avalanche, New York Rangers and The Chicago Blackhawks. Fleury also played hockey in Europe and twice represented Canada at the Winter Olympics, winning a gold medal in 2002. Theo battled drug and alcohol addictions throughout his professional sports career. He is a highly regarded international motivational speaker and the author of a best-selling autobiography.

‘Well Being Re-imagined’ Meta Medical Solutions VR, a division of The Metatainment Group is an integrated solutions and development ‘brain trust’ company that creates unique AR/VR content. Its core competency is in building cutting edge, scientifically driven platforms for various industries including Health and Wellness, Real Estate, E-shopping, Meditation, Music, and Sports Training. Meta learning is “the process by which learners become aware of and increasingly in control of habits of perception, inquiry, learning, and growth that they have internalized”.

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