A Breakthrough Solution To Wellness Finally, An App That Does The Work For You Free Download Safe, non-invasive digital wellness therapies for patients, staff and visitors XR Age Well: Safe, Non-Invasive VR Wellness Therapies For Aging Improve Mental Health, Productivity and Prevent Workplace Burnout VR therapies for PTSD, pain & mental health built for active duty, reserve & veterans Improve patient experiences while reducing pain & anxiety with cutting edge VR technology

Interactive VR Therapies

100’s of VR worlds with synergistic visual and audio guided imagery and interactive therapies for a wide range of symptom relief.

Real & Animated VR

Mix and match VR Environments, Therapeutic Audio Tracks and Guided Meditations. Personalize VR therapies based on the relief you need.

Fast Symptom Relief

Experience relief within moments by simply listening to therapeutic ambient audio tracks in the background or engaging in VR therapies.

Improved Quality Of Life

Scientifically driven VR and Mobile Wellness Apps that do the work for you. Experience the difference with a free Mobile Wellness trial today.

Health Care

Hospitals, Behavioral Health, Addiction, Pain, Staff Burnout, Procedures

Aging Care

Communities, Independent & Assisted Living, Memory Care, Hospice


Mental Health, Productivity, Teamwork & Creativity

Veteran Care

PTSD, Mental Health, Motivation, Positive Outlooks and Well Being

Dental Care

Non-Invasive Anxiety & Pain Reduction in Dental Practices

Interactive Guided Sessions

Immersive hands-on guided meditation sessions allow users to therapeutically interact with mindfulness sessions like never before. Interact in virtual worlds built around synergistic visual and audio guided imagery.

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Therapeutic Experiences

Explore 1000’s of easy to select combinations of immersive VR animated and real world virtual experiences. Mix and match VR environments, therapeutic audio track and guided meditation for aiding with a wide range of symptom relief.

Introducing Mobile Wellness

Experience the Benefits of Audio Therapies From our VR Platform on Your Mobile Device

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Easy Usability

Simply select the relief you need in the moment

Safe & Fast Results

Feel relief within moments of listening

100+ Audio Therapies

Just listening to 10 minute tracks creates positives results

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100+ Therapeutic Relief Sessions

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Mission Statement

Transformative Digital Healthcare Solutions for Personal Well-Being

What Is XR?

XR = Extended Reality Includes VR, AR & MR
VR = Virtual Reality: Fully Immersive 360 Experience
AR = Augmented Reality: Holographic Overlay On Real World
MR = Mixed Reality: AR Holographic and Real World Interaction

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